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Quarantine Diaries

Day 13 Incessant stress headaches. I attempted to hydrate and avoid Advil, but quickly gave in again. It’s too loud to let a headache linger. Meltdowns abound. During the second meltdown, I decided that I needed to let out some of my anger too. I kicked the floor with my feet and banged the ottoman.… Continue reading Quarantine Diaries

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Grief and Gratitude

It’s taken me some time to wrap my head around this new reality. Along with everyone else, I feel unprepared. How do I manage my kid’s schoolwork, stick to a schedule and routine, manage my practice and clients... all while living without much needed breaks from the kids, and with social distancing? So far, the… Continue reading Grief and Gratitude

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Our 1st Disney Trip

It's been hard being back to reality, so I’ll stay in Disney World a little longer through my memories. My main hope in sharing about our trip is that our experience will be helpful to special needs families planning their first Disney trip, and also because I will surely forget the lessons we learned for… Continue reading Our 1st Disney Trip

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Not just a mom

I was over all the things when I finally made the decision to stay home. I was over myself losing my patience, again. Over feeling like I couldn’t give enough to anyone: my kids, my clients, my husband. Over always feeling overwhelmed and behind. Over the phone calls and emails with more bad news, losses,… Continue reading Not just a mom