Autism, Motherhood

I love you, Mommy

“You should be a teacher, Mommy,” Caleb tells me last night. “Why’s that, bud?” “You have good behavior. You yell sometimes, but you mostly have good behavior. You are nice to me. You left your job to have more time with me. I love you, Mommy.” “I love you, too buddy. More than you know.”… Continue reading I love you, Mommy

Autism, Motherhood

I hate you, Mommy

“He has autism,” I say. These words are so limp and useless. They are inadequate and meaningless. The yawning gap between those 3 words and our reality is so hard to describe. I want to be understood, but the truth is, I barely understand it myself. My guess is that you have something like that,… Continue reading I hate you, Mommy