Essential Oils


Since starting with Young Living essential oils at the beginning of this year, I’ve noticed a marked improvement in myself and my family’s health. I have to be careful that I’m not saying that essential oils cure, or prevent illness because I can’t make any guarantees and I have to focus on how they support wellness. The truth is, there is no medicine or treatment on this earth that works the same for everyone. However, since essential oil uses are so infinite, I can promise that they will be beneficial in many ways—it’s just not always the same benefits for each person. Does that make sense?

Here’s what I love most right now about essential oils:

  1. I love having choices that can help on especially bad or stressful days, like diffusing Stress Away, Lavender, Joy, or Peace and Calming or applying topically on my skin. I put a drop or two in my hands and rub them together and then deeply inhale a few times. Then, I’ll rub it over my heart. Or put a drop on my feet. I also do this with Frankincense to remind me to trust in the Lord and be more in tune with Him. Frankincense is one of the first gifts the baby Jesus received. It’s just so incredible. It’s like having a tangible, literal connection with him.
  2. I love feeling like I have some measure of control when someone gets the sniffles, or I hear of some sickness at school. When this happens, I’m more mindful about oiling everyone up before bed with our Thieves oil rollers. So far, so good!
  3. I love having an option when Mason tells me that his tummy hurts (DiGize) or he falls down (Copaiba). He asks for oils. There’s not much worse than feeling completely powerless, and oils give me a sense of power during tough times. It makes him feel better, and he calms down faster.
  4. I LOVE diffusing when we’re camping or when I’m on retreats with my small group of middle school girls. I loved diffusing in my counseling office, it made many of my clients feel more calm, and view our time together as even more special. I love getting to smell the amazing scents of Christmas, or citrus, or lavender, without adding any more chemicals to the air. There’s research about how much our olfactory glands are connected to mood and memory.
  5. I love being able to create the perfect margarita with our affordable and delicious lime. Citrus oils are my fav and they are cheap!
  6. I also love that almost all of the oils I just mentioned come in the starter kit!


    The Starter Kit:

    11 bottles of 5ml oils, a high-quality diffuser, a ton of samples, and 24% off everything else for your lifetime! You’ll also get a welcome packet, gift, and support from me! $160

    Diffuser: You choose either the Home Diffuser (has an interval setting) or the Dewdrop (continuous stream) at this price point.

    1. Lavender: Swiss Army knife of oils! Great for helping to relax and calm. Supports healthy skin and hair. There’s a good amount of research to support the efficacy of lavender for relaxation and reduced mental stress and increased alertness.

    2. Stress Away: I love this blend so much! Applying topically or diffusing this has helped ease stress and induce calm. Add it to lavender for a soothing, relaxing blend before bedtime, a big meeting, talk, or test.

    3. Frankincense: One of my very favorites! Great for prayer, meditation, grounding, focus, and to support younger looking skin! Between this and the diffuser, your starter kit is paid for!

    4. Purification: An amazing blend that neutralizes odor and can be used to deodorize ANYTHING in you or your cat’s bathroom. Great for DIY room deodorizer spray or to enjoy the outdoor’s annoyance free.

    5. Thieves: Legend has it that this is the oil blend that thieves used during the Black Plague to rob its victims without getting the plague themselves. This is our famous immune support blend. Studies show that this blend kills bacteria better than Lysol and it’s safe and smells like Christmas! We wear this nightly. You can also diffuse to clean the air and support wellness.

    6. DiGize: This blend supports your tummy. I apply it neat (no dilution) directly to my tummy and wait a few seconds. Trust me. Mason loves this and asks for it when he needs it.

    7. PanAway: another great blend! Muscle support. Great for topical use after hard workouts, massage onto feet, backs, legs, heads, etc!

    8. Copiaba: anti-inflammatory and great for mixing with other oils to enhance their properties. Great to support the skin after a fall or for bug bites.

    9. Lemon: Nature’s goo-gone! I use this to get the sticky off anything! Love it for helping remove price tags and temporary tattoos, cleaning, diffusing, and cooking. It smells absolutely delicious and it helps improve clarity of thought and purpose with its invigorating scent.

    10. Peppermint: Smells like the plant, not the candy! Diffusing or inhaling has a refreshing and uplifting effect! Great for appetite, stomach, and head support and for baking or tea or DIY lip balm!

    11. R.C: Great for when you need upper respiratory, lung or seasonal support. Apply topically to the area you need support or diffuse.

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