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I suspect that friendship and community used to be easier, or at least simpler than it is now. “You live next door and you’re available to watch my kid sometimes?” Great, we’re best friends. Doesn’t matter if we disagree politically. Your differing thoughts about race, gender, and religion don’t matter because I know you and… Continue reading Friendship

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Grief and Gratitude

It’s taken me some time to wrap my head around this new reality. Along with everyone else, I feel unprepared. How do I manage my kid’s schoolwork, stick to a schedule and routine, manage my practice and clients... all while living without much needed breaks from the kids, and with social distancing? So far, the… Continue reading Grief and Gratitude

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Not just a mom

I was over all the things when I finally made the decision to stay home. I was over myself losing my patience, again. Over feeling like I couldn’t give enough to anyone: my kids, my clients, my husband. Over always feeling overwhelmed and behind. Over the phone calls and emails with more bad news, losses,… Continue reading Not just a mom


All you need is love

"All you need is love". I used to disagree with that statement when I thought that love was just a feeling, but now I know love is so much more than that. I actually think that love heals. Love, the verb, can change this broken and hurting world. But how to begin? Well, we do… Continue reading All you need is love

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5 things your counselor won’t tell you

We don’t want you to know how much it costs us emotionally and financially to do what we do because it’s not about us. It takes years of school, a year of unpaid work, and years of experience and supervision, a licensure exam, and infinite paperwork to become fully licensed. Once licensed, we attend at… Continue reading 5 things your counselor won’t tell you


11 things not to say to someone who has been sexually assaulted

You should have left or pushed him off you. At least he didn’t… Are you sure that was assault? That just sounds like bad sex. Why did you put yourself in that position? Why did you flirt/kiss him if you didn’t want to have sex? Did you actually say “no”? I don’t think he would… Continue reading 11 things not to say to someone who has been sexually assaulted