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Not just a mom

I was over all the things when I finally made the decision to stay home. I was over myself losing my patience, again. Over feeling like I couldn’t give enough to anyone: my kids, my clients, my husband. Over always feeling overwhelmed and behind. Over the phone calls and emails with more bad news, losses,… Continue reading Not just a mom


The night we met

We'd already waited outside the club for so long it was no longer free. We were new to the whole going-out-thing. As we looked around at the other people in our line, we realized we were both woefully underdressed, and far too Caucasian to stay in said line. I was with my 2 friends, Jessica… Continue reading The night we met

marriage, Motherhood, Women

5 things your counselor won’t tell you

We don’t want you to know how much it costs us emotionally and financially to do what we do because it’s not about us. It takes years of school, a year of unpaid work, and years of experience and supervision, a licensure exam, and infinite paperwork to become fully licensed. Once licensed, we attend at… Continue reading 5 things your counselor won’t tell you