Autism, Motherhood

How do you know?

How do we know Caleb has autism? Well, as you saw in my last post, it was not a simple process for us because Caleb is very high functioning. His challenges are often unnoticeable... until they aren't. It's been harder to understand him because he has so many times where he can "perform" or behave like a… Continue reading How do you know?

Autism, Motherhood

one child with Autism

"If you have seen a child with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), you have seen ONE child with ASD." Autism is a spectrum of neurobehavioral disorders with manifested symptoms in an individual child that are unique (Mark Mancino, M.D.). This means that the difference between mild ASD and severe ASD, plus everything in between is profound.… Continue reading one child with Autism