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how to date your spouse

Let's have a quick chat about the married date night rut. I think you know what I’m talking about. You spend all the money on babysitters and FINALLY get time away from the chaos of daily life. Time alone. Together. No kids. All this anticipation of it being THE THING that makes all the other… Continue reading how to date your spouse


true beauty

While I liked the new movie, "A Wrinkle in Time," I was disappointed to find some beloved characters and storyline missing. Meg's storyline and growth with Aunt Beast was completely missing. Meg and Charles Wallace's brothers, Sandy and Dennys are absent. I also was disappointed they didn't show more of Calvin's story and character. In… Continue reading true beauty

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5 things your counselor won’t tell you

We don’t want you to know how much it costs us emotionally and financially to do what we do because it’s not about us. It takes years of school, a year of unpaid work, and years of experience and supervision, a licensure exam, and infinite paperwork to become fully licensed. Once licensed, we attend at… Continue reading 5 things your counselor won’t tell you